Tri Community CERT

About Us

Our CERT was formed in 2009. Presently, we have 70 members who have completed the approved CERT training course. Additional courses will be scheduled when we have added new members. The courses are presented on weekday evenings at the Police and Fire Departments or other City buildings in Highland Heights, Mayfield Heights, and Mayfield Village

Applicants must complete a CERT Volunteer Form (check the "Contact Us" tab for a link to our brochure and the form). Criminal background checks are completed on all team members. Team members receive a free CERT kit (a backpack) that contains goggles, gloves, helmet, reflective vest, multi-purpose tool for natural gas shut-off and to aid in debris removal and a flashlight. Members are encouraged to add additional emergency supplies to their kits.

Our training includes the Incident Command System, which is an important part of how CERT operates. Additional training is available online at The FEMA Emergency Management Institute and also by making arrangements to attend classes presented by other CERTs in Cuyahoga County. The Tri-Community CERT is a member of the Cuyahoga County CERT Association.

Board Members
Paul Berne Executive Director
Cheryl Garinger Finance Officer
Pat Gregoric Training Coordinator
Mike Dragga Training Team Co-Leader
Therese Dragga Instructor & Stop The Bleed Training Coordinator
Jerry Banks Community Event/Recruiting Coordinator
Frank Skala
Dr. Charles Berner DDS, D-ABFO, DMORT, FEMORS, OMORT-CoComm
Jim Homa Board Member
Richard Whitehead Safety Forces Liaison, Member Retention Coordinator
Colette Gschwind Logistics Officer
Terri Stahl Assistant Logistics Officer
Patty Germany Social Media Coordinator
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